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Pole transfers for attachers

managed services: Pole Transfer PROJECTS

Need assistance completing utility pole transfers?

We triage all pole transfer requests, update systems of record and provide processes and tools that keep on-going transfer work on track for asset owners and attachers.

Without the resources to process and track each pole transfer request, they easily pile up. Alden can help.

Incur fines and penalties
Neglected transfers may incur fines or penalties
Delay new equipment deployment
Backlogs may delay new equipment deployment
Competitive advantage can be lost if slow to market
Time-to-market is critical. Alden's team facilitates all communication between owners and attachers, managing the pole transfer process going forward.
Battling a backlog? Here are 10 steps to get ahead.

Pole Transfer Workflow

Pole Transfer Workflow

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Battling Backlogs Case Study


We found roughly 40% of this attacher's "backlogged transfer requests" were field complete, and simply not updated in the asset owner's engineering records.

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