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One Shared Platform for Joint Use Assets & Activities

Streamline business processes, improve communication, and speed up deployment
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Joint Use Asset Management Software - Alden One

Simplify communication

Quickly coordinate with internal departments and external partner companies to streamline work

Automate business processes 

Streamline attachment permitting, make ready work, inspections, contract management, billing and other common processes

Consolidate Joint Use Asset Management 

Easily share and manage data for utility poles, conduit vaults, fiber, small cell & DAS, ROW, cell towers, and more

Accomplish more with Alden One Pro
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Asset Management

Manage assets with a System of Record​ of utility poles, streetlights, attachments​, conduit, fiber, ROW, service area, and more.

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Activity Management

Keep track of all activity through the System of Record​, activity statistics​, and communication and collaboration portal.

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Business Intelligence

Gain insight through data warehouse & cubes,​ industry benchmarks, and decision analytics (AI/ML).

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Contract Management

Manage contracts through negotiation and renewal workflows, save time with e-signatures, and store documents to quickly review terms, conditions, and rates.

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Invoicing & Billing

Automatically generate receivables, verify payables, make and accept payments, and ensure adherence to contracts.

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Regulatory & Compliance

Stay compliant with a hot clock dashboard​, regulatory reports​, and outside counsel role.

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Learn how data can be shared between organizations, and see an overview of the platform.


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