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Alden One

ALDEN ONE® ― Centralized Asset Management Database

Better Communities Through Better Infrastructure

Alden One® is a shared, centralized asset management database for joint use assets such as utility poles, conduit vaults, cell towers, real estate, and more.

Alden One® is an enterprise-level asset management database that provides transparency for data-driven decisions.

Communication Platforms
The communication platform offers secured transparency within and between organizations.

Share ONLY the data you want to share. Data sharing is customizable based on user role and business needs.
Flexible Process Workflows
Flexible process workflows facilitate joint use, such as make- ready, permitting, and pole transfers. 

Alden One® provides the framework owners & attachers require for seamless integration.
Cyber Security
Data and cyber-security is our main priority. Alden One® is secured with up-to-date security certificates for SSL data transmission, and the latest data encryptions.

The system is SOX and PCI compliant, layered with multiple firewalls.
5 Requirements of a Centralized Asset Database for Infrastructure Management

Know the complete history of every asset's life.

Your business requires complete clarity and full control over infrastructure assets to increase data visibility, ensure data security, and optimize field operations. 

Alden One® manages assets in one location allowing easy access to historical and current joint use data by your business in order to make informed purchasing and maintenance decisions.

With advanced filtering, searching for assets has never been easier. Connecting your disparate enterprise systems ensures all relevant data is accessible in one secure location.

Take a Tour of Alden One®

  • Share ONLY the asset data you need to share internally, or with third-party attachers, contractors, partners and regulators
  • Alden One® can fully interface to your current enterprise systems such as GIS, financial systems, workforce management & more via web services

  • Efficient process execution contributes to safe and reliable service deployment, including broadband and other services
  • Report and act on issues before they become real problems with data visibility,  eliminating redundant work

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Our mission is better communities through better infrastructure.
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