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Alden One

Better communities through better infrastructure

Alden One® ― Centralized Joint Use Asset Management


Work better together – Asset owners, attachers, & partners 

Communication Platforms


Reliably communicate with contractors and external companies to streamline work

Flexible Process Workflows

Automate business processes 

Attachment permitting, One-Touch Make-Ready, inspections, contract management, and billing

Cyber Security

joint use assets

Utility poles, conduit vaults, fiber, small cell & DAS, ROW, cell towers, and other assets

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No data left behind: Alden One® tells the story of every asset

Accurate asset maps reduce the number of field visits, simplify backlog build-up, & eliminate redundancy in the field.

Dashboards keep users current on statuses and metrics of all joint use processes, such as permitting, inspections, make-ready, & due dates.

Pay online or receive payment instantly for permit to attach, survey fees, make-ready, & more. 

Securely integrate with enterprise systems such as GIS, WMS, & FIS.

Guarantee FCC Compliance with new One Touch Make Ready timelines

Utility Poles
Conduit Vaults
Cell Towers

Manage Assets. Automate Processes.

  • Utility Poles
  • Fiber Deployment
  • Conduit Vaults 
  • ROW Management
  • Cell Towers
  • Billing & Invoicing Functions
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Task Agent™: Use Alden One® in the Field

Assign and automate tasks with Task Agent including NESC inspections, make-right, make-ready, and audits. 

  • Mobile work management application, accessible from any device, streamlines responsibilities from the office to the field
  • Coordinate with contractors, internal teams, and external joint use partners
  • Complete tasks assigned to you and view open tasks in your area
Alden One™ Task Agent™

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