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Alden One - Centralized Joint Use Platform

Alden One® is the Nation's Centralized Joint Use Platform

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The greatest challenge for joint use professionals is communication.

Streamline business processes, making them quick, reliable and predictable in one system.

Simplify communication

Reliably coordinate with contractors and external companies to streamline work

Automate business processes 

Attachment permitting, One Touch Make Ready, inspections, contract management, and billing

Manage joint use assets

Utility poles, conduit vaults, fiber, small cell & DAS, ROW, cell towers, and other assets

Build better communities through better infrastructure

Joint Use Contracts


Joint use contracts managed

Asset Management


Assets managed in the platform

Working Better Together


Professionals working better together

Joint Use Transactions


Processed joint use transactions

Working together is the swiftest way towards successful deployment and bridging the digital divide.

Alden One in 39 States

Alden One® is the de facto standard for the joint use community Automate your processes with workflows, while simplifying communication and data management with dashboards.

Joint Use Software
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