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One Platform to Save Time

Alden ONE connects utility asset owners, attachers, and engineering and construction firms to streamline processes and enable communication inside and outside your organization.

Through automation, Alden ONE saves time, and brings clarity and control to joint use asset management. With visibility into important data and better business intel, you'll be ready for what’s next.

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Alden ONE Platform

Standardize, Automate, & Optimize

Bring your assets, activities, and business intelligence into sharper focus by coordinating all utility stakeholders with a single source of truth. Alden ONE clients manage utility assets ranging from 4K to 9M.

For Utility Owners

Protect your company and ensure all work is completed within regulated timelines with reliable, repeatable processes that help staff meet increasing demands.
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“With the ability to sort and organize data, we gain insights that are used to control our costs and increase revenue.”

General Manager
Utility Asset Owner

Year-to-Date Pole Rent: Received and Paid

For Attachers

Speed up deployments and normalize disparate data sets in one central location to reduce your time to market.
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“One of the biggest pluses of using Alden ONE is that Alden understands both the needs of utilities and the needs of attaching companies, so the platform is designed to help mediate the issues that typically arise from the joint use process.”

Michael Surran
Vertical Asset Administrator, IREA Electric (Core)

Pole Status Overview

For Engineering Service Firms

Increase trust with real time, transparent tasks organized into work buckets to keep your experts working at their highest level of expertise, instead of chasing down details.
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“We’ve worked with Alden Systems for a number of years, and we trust them. No other company has responded with interest and commitment to serve the electric cooperative and municipal market like Alden.”

Sean Knowles
Vice President of Business Development, McLean Engineering

Pole Assets Export to Excel

Asset Management

Alden ONE provides a system of record for all asset data, allowing you to zoom into details on individual poles, conduit, towers and right of way.

Zero in on assets using precise location data to build multiple searches with unique parameters.

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Activity Management

Built-in timers and notifications help create accountability, propel progress, and reduce backlogs.

Process automation keeps activities on track, including permitting work to maintenance and make-ready, while you focus on the big picture.

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Reporting & Dashboards

Dashboards and operational reports help to drive progress and meet project milestones. Take it a step further with the Alden ONE Data Lake. 

Quickly process and analyze data of any size or type to create on-demand, custom executive, operational, and compliance reports.  

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Contract Management

Alden ONE aligns every asset and activity with a contract so you can accurately calculate costs for work performed or permits processed. Access negotiation and renewal workflows. Prove compliance with historical records and document repositories. Update terms, conditions, and rates with all your data points in view.

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Invoicing & Billing

Electronically facilitate and coordinate financial transactions with inside entities and outside partners inside one system.

Automatically generate payables and receivables. Verify and align with contracts for accuracy. Securely pay invoices and sign documents from within Alden ONE.

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Additional Alden Offerings

Business Support
Business Support
Utilize our experts to perform system administrator, joint use coordinator, project manager and marketing functions.
Essential Services
Essential Services
From program management to resource matching and data services, Alden can augment your team’s efforts so that you can move forward faster.
Alden ONE integrates with GIS, AP/AR, pole loading and workforce management systems.
Alden One Data Lake
Alden ONE Data Lake
Available to all PRO subscribers.
The Alden ONE Data Lake allows you to access and analyze the utility asset, attachment, and project data required to make informed decisions.
Join the new way of working. Securely accept online payments vis credit cards and ACH transactions and route documents to the appropriate parties with legally binding e-signatures.
Field Data Collection
Field Data Collection
Get data collection right the first time with the Task Agent app, available on iOS and Android. Direct field techs to exact asset locations using pre-loaded interactive maps to reduce “boots on the ground” time.

Real Results Rooted in Data

Minnesota Power Increases Its Licensing Revenue by 25%

The investor-owned utility needed to develop a process to handle the ballooning number of pole attachment requests while simultaneously increasing compliance and tracking code violations. Alden ONE provided the help needed to meet FCC timetables and maintain high safety standards.

“One of the biggest advantages is just having Alden ONE on the job. It’s a good family. It’s a good group of people.”

Jodi Corrow Distributions Asset Coordinator

IREA (CORE) Drills into Data to Identify and Rectify Over 1,200 Attachment Violations 

An electric co-op needed to update their old paper processes and speed up. Alden ONE automated workflows and simplified records with increased visibility into communications and billing.

“I get pretty excited about Alden ONE, and pretty excited letting other utilities know how crappy joint use was, and how greatly it has improved since using Alden ONE.”

Michael Surran Joint Use Manager

Tilson Expands the Volume of Licensing Applications Ten-fold In One Quarter

The service firm needed to create a detailed, streamlined database that provided a clear overview of assets — and fast. With Alden ONE, they gained a single source of truth that managed mountains of data and made it easily accessible to third parties.

“It was really nice to have all our data in one place where we could visualize it.”

Liza Quinn General Manager
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