Managed Services


Experiencing resource contention? Buried in backlogs?

Have limited financial or staffing resources? Alden can help.

From administrative support, to accounting, to field inspections, our team seamlessly integrates with yours, amplifying your capacity to get ahead and stay ahead.

Catch up on backlogged requests
Attachment Permitting
Management for attachment permitting, transfers, replacements and make-ready coordination
Expedite Billing
Expedite billing and improve invoice accuracy to reveal hidden revenue
­Remove the hidden costs of inefficiency with managed services from Alden.
Focus on providing safe and reliable service and let Alden handle the rest.
5 Reasons to Review Your Joint Use Contracts Now

Alden’s managed services offering expands your team and talents as needed.

Scale your team up or down based on workload, per project or long-term
Create sustainable processes and workflows for your staff to use
Eliminate backlogged work requests to reduce stress on internal staff
Managed Services Processes

We partner with your team to review processes and create efficiencies using best practices.

  • Skill Assessment: Match your full-time team’s skills to your joint use needs
  • Contract Negotiations: Thorough, reliable, and fair – for asset owners or attachers
  • Education & Training: Leverage our industry knowledge to best develop the knowledge and skills of your team
  • Interim Leadership: Access our leadership team as you recruit your own
  • Break the Back Log: We provide strategic plans, prioritization, detailed planning, and can even implement those plans to help you catch up

Create Efficiencies

Expertise when and where you need it.

Through the combination of software and human services, we help you catch up, get ahead and stay ahead.

  • Workflow Design and Optimization
  • Invoicing and Collection
  • Joint Use Data Analysis
  • Contract Management
  • Billing Audits
  • Make Ready Coordination
  • Engineering Support
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Contract Review and Negotiation
Joint Use Data Analysis
Experienced Joint Use Team
Highly Experienced Joint Use Team

We offer a wide range of services to streamline client processes to accomplish your goals. We are experts in joint use reconciliation, invoicing, contract review, data entry and on-going record management.

Accountable & Reliable
Accountability Meets Reliability

Your decisions are only as effective as your data. Don’t let your data deceive you. We will update your contracts. We complete audit histories and offer strong financial reporting capabilities to allow for the checks and balances needed for accurate joint use management.

Legacy Data
We Work with Your Existing Data

We extract and verify your company's legacy data, if available, for use during the inventory and data reconciliation.

Managed Communication Channel
Managed Communication Channel

All owner/attacher communications are streamlined, managed, and collected in one interface, Alden’s Notify™ platform.

Comprehensive File Archival
Comprehensive File Archival

All communications and updates are archived for quick reference. Know who performed what action and when.

Complete Solution
A Complete Solution

The right people, processes, and tools. Let us help you get ahead, stay ahead, and free your team up to tackle the higher impact items your customers demand.

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