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Telecommunication Network Management Database


Managing inside plant assets?

LCAM® delivers visibility and control over your inside plant asset inventory.

LCAM® tracks and processes all the events of an asset’s lifetime and interfaces to your enterprise systems.

Locate Available/Spare Assets
Locate and reuse your available/spare assets
Recover & Deploy Excess Equipment
Recover & redeploy excess equipment 
Control over Network Assets
Gain control over network assets as they move
Lifecycle Asset Manager currently stores over 90 MILLION ASSETS.
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Alden’s LCAM® software simplifies the complexity of Inventory Control for Central Office Management in three easy steps.

Inventory assets at any level to ensure accurate data collection.
Report data to provide visibility into excess equipment that is recovered & redeployed.
Connect purchasing to accounting, provisioning to supply chain and set min/max. Keep Levels by card type to allow for better control over your assets.
Central Office Management

LCAM® software allows assets to easily flow through business processes from warehouse management systems to accounting.

  • Improve vendor management through analysis of invoice disputes/equipment repairs
  • Realize vendor discounts for timely payments
  • Improve budget controls on purchases through Job/Budget system interface

Data you can depend on.

LCAM® has a comprehensive audit log of user activity and events within the system.

  • Monitor equipment in and out of central offices
  • Reduce reporting requirements through powerful search capabilities
  • Opens asset data to broader company audience
  • Easily maintain asset records
Monitor equipment in and out of central offices

Improve ROA – Return on Assets

  • Recover and redeploy cards to defer purchasing
  • Manage min/max inventory levels more precisely
  • Reduce IT support costs
  • Eliminate excess equipment from sourcing supply chain
Return on Assets
Telecommunications Technicians
Highly Experienced Team

Alden’s inside plant telecommunications technicians have extensive working knowledge of your network equipment.

Complete Asset History

LCAM® stores complete asset history and offers the data reporting capabilities needed for superior network asset management, giving you complete inventory control.

Ad Valorem Tax Reduction
Ad Valorem Tax Reduction

LCAM® provides visibility into the entire lifecycle of each asset allowing you to sell, redeploy or retire excess assets.

Easy Integration
Easy Integration

Integrates with your enterprise systems, connecting purchasing to accounting and provisioning to supply chain. 

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