Telecommunication Network Management Database

TelecommunicationS  ISP ASSET Database software

Effectively manage inside plant assets

Gain visibility and control over inside plant assets with LCAM®

Track all the events of an asset’s lifetime with LCAM®

Gain control over network assets as they move
Recover & Deploy Excess Equipment
Automatically update legacy systems with current data
Locate and reuse available and spare assets
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The power of LCAM® in your hand

Update the LCAM® database with smartphones in the field

Meet Asset Inventory Goals
Meet Inventory Goals: LCAM Mobile® quickly scans multiple assets simultaneously.
Drive Productivity
Drive Productivity: Effective for day-to-day central office work, the app updates the LCAM® database in real-time
Locate Spare Equipment for Redeployment
Improve Efficiency: Locate spare and reusable equipment for redeployment, instead of purchasing new.

How does LCAM Mobile® work?


LCAM® tracks over 90 million assets

The database offers a comprehensive audit log of lifecycle events

  • Monitor equipment location and type, in or out of central offices, remote terminals, warehouses and more
  • Allow internal departments access to data -- Connect purchasing, accounting, & provisioning to supply chain
  • Improve vendor relationships and realize discounts for timely payments
LCAM (Lifetime Asset Manager)

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