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Joint Use Management Software


Can you easily access asset history? Are contract billing details up-to-date?

Data you can act on. Resources you can expand upon.

Untangle the vast complexity of joint use assets, billing information and contracts to bridge interdepartmental gaps, such as engineering to finance and accounting.

Reconcile Billing
Reconcile billing (A/R) against contractual obligations
Make Informed Decisions
Aggregate data to make more informed decisions across your enterprise
Maximize Revenue
Reveal areas to maximize revenue

Store information and connect the touch points across your organization through the powerful JRM™ database that integrates with SAP & GE Smallworld.

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Gain clarity and control of your field data records. Increase visibility into the lifecycle of your asset base.

Store critical data in a centralized location.
Edit Assets
Add, remove or edit assets and company data
Manage Attachment
Manage attachment, resource and contract details all in one place
Contract Information
Easily locate vital contract information, produce billing (A/R) and deliver invoices (A/P)

Centralize, track and manage all of your joint use asset records.

Total control. Complete clarity in a single source.

  • Automatically update your GIS records
  • Systematically update legacy systems such as SAP, WMS
    and more
  • Easily search for assets with integrated mapping capabilities
  • Quickly access complete historical audit logs of asset transactions. Know who performed what changes and when.
Track and Manage Joint Use Asset Records

Coordinate processes, jobs, billing and contracts from a single, powerful database.

Untangle the knot of complexity with joint use contracts.

  • Intuitive user interface allows your team to get going quickly
  • Single source of all records massively improves efficiency
  • A new level of visibility to streamline organizational efforts


Coordinate Processes JRM
Telecommunications Inspections

Utility Pole as Revenue Generator

A Tier 1 telecommunication company puts Alden to the test

A Tier 1 telecommunications company had problems with prior inspections resulting in unusable data.

Together we re-invented their approach to the Joint Use Process and returned a sustainable path to coordinate processes, jobs, billing and contracts.

Business Logic
Integrated Business Logic

Collect and store comprehensive field asset data in a single, easy to access source. Gain the clarity to accurately audit incoming bills and produce accurate outgoing invoices. Keep engineering and finance informed and

Extensive Reporting
Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Facilitate normal workflow processes with built-in reports. Know with certainty your most expensive and most profitable relationships. Easily export data to Excel to perform your own, individualized data analysis.

Enhanced Mapping
Enhanced Mapping Functionality

Import data from your GIS system or from GPS coordinates. View your assets on maps, grids or aerial photographs. 

Audit History Log
Complete Audit History Log 

Know what data was last updated. Know who made those updates. Track all changes.

Security and Administration
Robust Security & Administration

Flexible, but solid, JRM™ is fully protected by its own authentication module, which can be interfaced to your corporate security gateway. The application is secured with customized role-based permissions.


SAP Integration: JRM™ software integrates with SAP’s enterprise management software by exchanging invoice payable and receivable information.

GE Smallworld Integration: JRM™ integrates with GE Smallworld by sharing data between systems such as pole attribute information including height class, GPS coordinates or new pole placements.


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