Central Office Inventory & Spare Recovery


Optimize network asset operations & management 

Expert inventory services for central office in-service equipment, spare plug-ins, hardwired equipment, remote terminals and more. 

Gain a clear vision of your plant, while saving money by recovering and redeploying spare plugs and equipment

Capture Asset Data
Efficiently capture accurate asset data with software designed for CO equipment
Assess Condition of Assets
Monitor and track asset condition as they move from one location to the next
Redeploy Spare Plug-in Equipment
Save money on new purchases by reusing or redeploying spares

Why Regular Central Office Inventories are Smart for Business
As assets move from warehouses to central offices, or to remote terminals and beyond, taxable rates change. Assets are often misplaced or cannot be located when needed, losing the opportunity to redeploy and defer new purchases.

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7 Steps for Spare Plug Recovery for Inside Plant Network Assets

Our experienced teams ensure a precise inventory, from locating in-service equipment and collecting spare plugs, to delivering them to the right location—we ensure inventory projects are properly executed from beginning to end.


Collect accurate inside plant asset data

  • Barcode or tag assets for easy tracking
  • Verify and reconcile data against legacy records
  • Recover spare equipment for sale or reuse
  • Create purchasing plans & regular maintenance schedules (set custom min/max levels)
  • Bridge finance and engineering departments with LCAM®, Alden's centralized database for central office assets
Inventory Database
Recover Capital from Spares - Estimate Supply Chain Savings Calculator

Recover Capital from Spares

Estimate supply chain savings using this calculator


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