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Central Office Inventory & Spare Recovery


Collect the data required to better manage network operations.

Alden audits in-service equipment, spare plug-ins and any hardwired equipment containing physical network assets to give you better insight into your plant.

Through a combination of customizable software and field expertise, Alden delivers complete inventory control to better manage network operations and asset accounting efforts.

Capture Asset Data
Efficiently capture accurate asset data
Assess Condition of Assets
Assess the condition of your assets as they move
Redeploy Spare Plug-in Equipment
Save money by reusing or redeploying spare plug-in equipment 

As inside plant assets move from the warehouse to the Central Office to remote terminals and beyond, their taxable rates change, they can be misplaced or simply go unaccounted for, losing the opportunity to redeploy. Alden brings sector-leading experience, knowledge and technology to help you collect and maintain clean and reliable data. We help you take control of your inventory today.

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7 Steps for Spare Plug Recovery for Inside Plant Network Assets

Alden’s expert plug recovery service teams go over-and-beyond to ensure a precise inventory. We locate and collect spare plugs and deliver them to the correct location—executing the inventory project beginning to end.


Gain clarity and control over inside plant network assets. Complete inventory control.

Central Office and Remote Terminal Specialization:
Migrate from Non-serialized to serialized
Migration from non-serialized to serialized asset management
Barcoding or tagging services
Inventory Data Reconciliation
Inventory data reconciliation against legacy records
Plug-In Recovery

Spare equipment (plug-in) recovery

Inside Plant Network Assets

Fast and flexible.

Our technicians quickly capture asset data and provide results so you can accurately plan future purchasing and regular maintenance.

  • Target trouble-prone areas for focused inventory improvements
  • Clean your entire inventory and maintain that accuracy into the future
  • Develop an intelligent and manageable cycle for inventory maintenance
Inventory Database

Scalable expertise. Revolutionary software.

Through the combination of software and human services, we help you catch up, get ahead and stay ahead.

  • Industry-leading field staff know Central Office equipment and use best practices to help collect and manage your assets
  • Bridge the gap between finance and engineering by using Data Collector™ software and our centralized platform, LCAM®
  • Provide full visibility into all your network assets across your enterprise
Enterprise Asset Management
Inside Plant Network Asset Inventory
Case Study: Inside Plant Inventory

Inside Plant Network Asset Inventory

In this case study, an ISP audit for a Tier 1 Communications company revealed millions of dollars in spare equipment that could be redeployed, instead of the company having to purchase new plugs.

Inside Plant Telecommunications Technician
Highly Experienced Field Team

Alden’s inside plant telecommunications technicians have extensive working knowledge of your network equipment.


Our team uses a detailed on-board equipment catalog to perform field validation. This ensures data consistency, reliability and clarity during the data capture process.

Legacy Data
We Can Work with Existing Data

We extract and verify legacy data for use during the inventory and for data reconciliation.

Results You Can Use
Results You Can Use

Alden provides results in the format you require to easily update your internal systems.

Spare Recovery Services

Central Office Inventory & Spare Recovery Services