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Strong joint use partnerships begin with joint use inspections.

We work better when we work together. Improve business efficiency with accurate field inventory records.

Alden works with pole owners and attachers to strategize joint use activity in the field.

Stay informed of available real estate for attachments with up-to-date asset data
Determine trespass, & violations, keeping bad practices at bay
Identify safety hazards and structural deficiencies, such as rot, cracks, & weaknesses
      • Regular audits keep pole data accurate, uniting joint use departments with billing, finance, operations, engineering, and more

        • Routine inspections keep owners aware of pole damage or structural deficiencies, contributing to the safety of communities & linemen 
        • Alden records every part of the inspection and all attributes of each pole
        • Clients have total visibility of pole details—owner, age, height, ground clearance, attachments, and if a transfer is needed
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Utility Pole Violations: Damage

Many asset owners are surprised at the amount of damage on their utility poles. Watch the video to learn about the many types damage and the costs of each.

Utility Pole Violations: Dangerous Conditions

Utility pole workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. The consequence of danger on poles adds up, affecting linemen, the public, and asset owners. Watch the video to find out just how dangerous utility poles can be when they go unchecked.

Utility Pole Violations: Environmental Conditions

Environmental conditions and outside forces are a common cause of pole violations. Watch the video to learn more about how these factors may be affecting your assets.

Violation, damage, weather conditions, and trespass can be costly and dangerous.

Our professional inventory team offers many service options for inspections, checking every detail of the pole and its surrounding conditions.

Our experienced technicians do visual checks for:

  • Electric Hazards
  • Excessively Tight Lines
  • Climbing Obstructions
  • Damaged Attachments
  • Damaged Hardware
  • Collision Damage
  • Damaged Anchors
  • Wide Splits or Cracks
  • Insect Infestations
  • Decay & Rot

View any part of the inspection at any time with Alden's Pole Audit Dashboard.

The pole dashboard promotes company-wide accessibility and communication through visualizers, charts, and map-based graphics.
See how many poles have been audited, how many are left to be audited, and any changes in the project
View details of every pole audited: pole age and height, accurate attachment records, structural integrity, & more
Track the specific number of violations & trespass found for each pole by company and area

Alden One™ stores all pole data and shows results in real-time.

Alden’s  inspection solutions are made possible through a combination of industry expertise and customizable software.

The smart technology in Alden One™ allows clients to:

    • See their project's progress
    • Store collected asset data, old and new
    • Manage assets through an interactive map

  • Act on found  violations and trespass
  • Act on found structural damage
  • Direct internal reporting
  • View photographs and history of every asset
  • Know the cost of the audit to date