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Central Office Data Collection Software


No one covers your assets like we do.

Powerful in its simplicity, Data Collector™ uses character recognition combined with an intuitive user interface that reduces human error to ensure data accuracy.

Inside Plant Inventory
Perform more efficient inside plant inventories
Minimize Back Office Work after Inventory
Minimize or eliminate back office work after inventory is complete
Legacy Data Reconciliation
Drastically reduce the complexity of legacy data reconciliation
Data Collector™ integrates quality controls and offers field data validation, making inventories more efficient and accurate.
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Data Collector™ was designed to meet the specific needs of an inside plant inventory.

Legacy Data Inventory
Utilize legacy data during inventory, if available.
Equipment Catalog
Provides an on-board equipment catalog
Integrated Quality Control Log
Integrated quality control log
Inside Plant Inventory

Our software captures the data required in order to keep inside plant asset records clean and reliable.

  • In-field quality check for missing equipment
  • Supports serialized and non-serialized equipment
Inside Plant Asset Records

Data Collector™ allows technicians to quickly capture any asset attributes, while reducing errors.

  • Minimize back office work
  • Eliminate field re-visits
Capture Asset Attributes
Telecommunications Technicians
Highly Experienced Team

Alden’s telecommunications technicians have extensive working knowledge of inside plant equipment.


Our team uses a detailed on-board equipment catalog to perform field validation to ensure consistency, reliability and clarity during the data capture process.

Legacy Data
We Work with Existing Data

Alden can extract and verify legacy data for use during an inventory and for data reconciliation.

Useful Results
Useful Results

Alden provides results in the format you require to easily update your internal enterprise systems, allowing for complete inventory control.

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