Conduit Vault Inventory & Inspection

Conduit Vault AUDIT & Inspection

Learn what’s going on underground and take action immediately.

Start with a comprehensive inventory of the structure. Document permitted and unauthorized occupants, existing space available for lease, damage, and violations.

Data you can trust, recommendations you can act upon, and support getting it done. Our conduit inventory services deliver:

Accurate conduit asset data
Accurate asset data: locations, occupants and current status
Identify vault damage and violations
Identify damage or violations to protect your network
Photographs of trespass in vault
View photographs of trespass in vaults, manholes and handholes

Alden audits leave no questions unanswered about the state of underground facilities. We also identify space available for lease – to help generate revenue. 

Post-audit, we deliver a final data package your compliance team can use to collect what is owed, due to damage or unpermitted occupants.

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Tip Sheet: 6 Questions to Ask to Ensure a Successful Underground Inventory

Foreign Occupant Trespass in Underground Conduit

Owners may not realize the risks that trespassers pose on their underground real estate. From safety hazards, to liability and bad practices, trespass can consequently destruct underground spaces. Watch the video to learn how.

Structural Damage in Underground Facilities

Vault damage may include structural damage, contaminating environmental hazards, & a void of manufacturer’s warranties—just to name a few. The consequences of damage reach far beyond the underground space, directly affecting financial, operations, and management departments. Find out more in the video.

Violations in Manholes and Handholes

While violations accrue from several factors (damage, trespass, wear-and-tear), many vault owners are surprised to learn that a hefty amount of violations are from their own contractors. Watch the video to learn about the many sources of violations in underground spaces.

Safety and Access in Underground Conduit Vaults

Safety and access go hand-in-hand. They either work against each other, causing worker inaccessibility and liability, or they can work together, promoting efficient and serviceable spaces. Watch the video to learn how to improve both safety and access.

Underground Infrastructure Audit

In this case study, a vault audit for a Tier 1 Communications company revealed valuable information that helped our client hold trespassers accountable by fining them for back rent and violations. 


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Audits don’t end after data collection.

Alden offers custom court-ready closing packages for every audit. Request your consultation to receive a sample closing package today.