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One Platform, Complete Business Process Automation for Joint Use & Real Estate

We can’t stop time, but we can create more of it. Alden ONE saves you time by bringing clarity and control to complex projects. By automating processes, we help you share the right data with the right project partners at the right time.
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Built for the Future, Aligned with What You Need Now

We unite utility owners, attachers, and engineering service firms around shared interests by automating communication and standardizing processes.

Improved collaboration means you can increase capacity to meet the demands of high-volume infrastructure without hiring additional employees. Our platform aligns asset data with activities, so you can safely and reliably scale up.

Manage Assets
Link assets and activities in one central platform to ensure work is completed safely and on time.
Streamline Activities
Let business process automation power your workflows and create the accountability needed for reliable outcomes.
Gain Visibility
Reports and dashboards built for administrative, operational, & executive insights deliver accurate, reliable intelligence to keep teams in the know.
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Real Numbers, Real Returns

Our customers quantify the net gains they’ve experienced. Here’s a breakdown of the ROI you can expect after using Alden ONE — pole by pole. 

Pole Penalties Avoided


Per Pole Penalties Avoided
Pole Operational Efficiencies


Per Pole Operational Efficiencies
Pole Make Ready Recovery


Per Pole Make Ready Recovery
Pole Increased Billing


Per Pole Increased Billing
Pole Back Billing


Per Pole Back Billing

Empowering Companies to Do More

Minnesota Power Increases Its Licensing Revenue by 25%

The investor-owned utility needed to develop a process to handle the ballooning number of pole attachment requests while simultaneously increasing compliance and tracking code violations. Alden ONE provided the help needed to meet FCC timetables and maintain high safety standards.

"One of the biggest advantages is just having Alden ONE on the job. It’s a good family. It’s a good group of people."

Jodi Corrow Distributions Asset Coordinator

IREA (CORE) Drills into Data to Identify and Rectify Over 1,200 Attachment Violations

An electric co-op needed to update their old paper processes and speed up despite tight staffing covering 170,000 customers over 5,000 square miles of diverse territory. Alden ONE automated workflows and simplified records with increased visibility into communications and billing.

"I get pretty excited about Alden ONE, and pretty excited letting other utilities know how crappy joint use was, and how greatly it has improved since using Alden ONE."

Michael Surran Joint Use Manager

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Connect, coordinate, and collaborate. Inside one platform. Join utility owners, attachers, and engineering and service firms in the new way to work. See how you can save time and empower your team to do more with less. It’s asset management, elevated.
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