Alden specializes in Joint Use, Central Office, Network & Field Asset Management for Power Utility, Telecommunications, CATV & Municipality
We make the unmanageable, manageable through software, services & smarts.

Joint Use Asset Management
Utility Poles, Attachments, Conduit, Cell Towers

Joint Use Collect, Communicate, Manage. Capture accurate field data. Communicate effectively with joint use partners, engineers & third-party contractors.

Owner/Attacher Communication & Management
Third Party Administration -TPA
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Need a Utility Pole Inspection for Rot or Strength?
Manage Joint Use Asset Data

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Central Office Asset Management
Inventory Telecom Network & Recover Spares

Asset Management

Capture the physical asset data attributes you need to reduce service costs and increase revenue. Increase revenue & redeploy spare assets.

Central Office, OSP, Field inventory Services
Central Office, RT Inventory Software
Field Asset Tracking & Management
- Plug-ins, Spares, Hardwired Equipment


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Manage Municipal Assets
Manage Municipal Assets

Municipal Inventory

Inventory and manage municipal assets. Handheld tool configurable for any type of asset enforces your data capture needs.

Software to Inventory & Manage Map-based Assets
Field Asset Inventory Services
Sign Inventory & Management

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