Alden specializes in Joint Use, Central Office, Network & Field Asset Management for Power Utility, Telecommunications, CATV & Municipality
We make the unmanageable, manageable through software, services & smarts.

Joint Use Asset Management
Utility Poles, Attachments, Conduit, Cell Towers...

Joint Use

Collect, Communicate, Manage. Capture accurate field data. Communicate effectively with joint use partners, engineers & third-party contractors.

Pole Owner/Attacher Management
Third Party Joint Use Administration (TPA)

Need a Utility Pole Inspection for Rot or Strength?
Manage Joint Use Asset Data

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Central Office Asset Management
Inventory Telecom Network & Recover Plug-ins

Asset Management

Capture the physical asset data attributes you need to reduce service costs and increase revenue. Increase revenue & redeploy spare assets.

Central Office, OSP, Field inventory Services
Central Office, RT Inventory Software
Field Asset Tracking & Management
- Plug-ins, Spares, Hardwired Equipment


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Manage Municipal Assets
Manage Parking Meters, Traffic Signs and more

Municipal Inventory

Inventory and manage municipal assets. Handheld tool configurable for any type of asset enforces your data capture needs.

Need to Inventory & Manage Map-based Assets?
Parking Meter Inventory & Management
Traffic Sign Inventory & Management

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