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From central offices and pedestals to cell towers, Alden takes inventory of network assets. Inside Plant services are tailored to meet individual client needs.

Inside plant professionals

Know the important details

  • Optimal asset allocation
  • Plug inventory and inspection
  • Locate, recover and redeploy spare equipment
  • Know exactly which assets are in each central office, tower, and pedestal or RT
Simplify your business process

Let Alden reconcile your data 

  • Simplify internal processes
  • Organize and ship spares to the correct location
  • Streamline communications between internal parties
  • Provide and upload excess report into system of record
Prioritize actions

Prioritize actions for network advancement

  • Our inventory team expands your staffing resources
  • More efficient operations
  • Identify and reuse spares

Inside Plant Software & Services

Alden offers Inside Plant inventory services and software.


LCAM® tracks and processes all the events of an asset’s lifetime, and interfaces to your current and legacy enterprise systems.

Locate and reuse spare assets; recover and deploy excess equipment. Gain clarity and take control over your network assets, eliminating unnecessary purchasing.

Data Collector™
Data Collector™

Data Collector™ software reduces human error to ensure accuracy by integrating quality control with field data validation.

Perform more efficient inside plant inventories, minimize post-inventory office work, and reduce the complexity of data reconciliation.

Inside Plant Inventory Services
Inside Plant Inventory Services

Bring together the data required to get the most out of your network assets. Our teams audit your in-service and spare network asset equipment.

We ensure process excellence, giving you the insight needed to properly manage your inside plant asset base.

Resources for Inside Plant Owners


Joint Use Asset Management:
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Joint Use Asset Management
Case Study

Smart Accounting with Better Asset Inventory Data

Smart Accounting with Better Data
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