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Let Alden process data, identify risks, and streamline activities, so you can focus on having a better community through better infrastructure.

Data-driven results

Take control of field assets

  • Utility poles
  • Contracts and invoices
  • Real estate and land leases
  • Service areas and fire zones
  • Right-of-way (ROWs) and more
Recognize risks

Mitigate risks before they become challenges

  • Pole inspections and audits
  • Eliminate overdue pole transfers (double/buddy poles)
  • Maintain aging infrastructure
  • Proactively manage third-party violations and damage
Prioritize actions

Prioritize actions needed for network advancement

  • Optimize staffing resources with Alden’s managed services
  • Facilitate communications within and between your municipality and third-parties
  • Locate unpermitted attachments to gain revenue

Municipal Power Software & Services

Alden offers asset management solutions for municipalities.

Alden One™
Alden One™
Alden One™ is a centralized platform for joint use that tracks and manages utility poles, conduit vaults, cell towers, real estate and more. 

Increase transparency by securely sharing data within and outside your organization.
Untangle joint use complexity to bridge interdepartmental gaps, such as operations, engineering and finance. 

Reconcile billing against contract obligations, aggregate data to help make informed decisions and reveal areas that maximize revenue.
Field Asset Inventory
Field Asset Inventory
Maintain up-to-date data for existing field asset infrastructure, including type, location and condition.

Identify safety hazards and unauthorized attachers, while administering best practice asset management processes to efficiently maintain your plant.
Managed Services
Managed Services
From administrative support and accounting, to field inspection and audits, our team seamlessly integrates with your staff.

Our services amplify your team's capacity, and avoid resource contention in order to get ahead and stay ahead.

Resources for Municipal Power Providers


Joint Use Asset Management:
The Basics

Joint Use Asset Management
Case Study

Smart Accounting with Better Asset Inventory Data

Smart Accounting with Better Data
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